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About the Mongol Rally


The Mongol Rally is organized by The Adventurists, who are fighting to make the world less boring while raising buckets of cash for worthy causes. They believe there is still adventure to be had in the world, and we agree.

Here are the rally rules:

  1. The cars - less than 1 litre engine, which means old & entirely inappropriate for the journey ahead.
  2. The “on your own rule” – each team is entirely responsible for itself; there is no external support once we are on the road.
  3. You must raise money for some very deserving charities.

July 20th 2014 will be the start of our ultimate adventure. Think: amazing vistas, boundless plains and the desolate expanse of baking desert (with ample sand for all our nooks & crannies), then add mountain ranges, yaks, yurts & pot-holes big enough to park in. 

The Mongol Rally’s 11th installment will yet again involve a rag-tag selection of lunatics adventurers who will be setting off from the U.K. with the ultimate goal of reaching Mongolia unscathed. After waving goodbye to the White Cliffs of Dover, we make our way into Europe, then meander through Central Asia & on into Mongolia, if roads & sea permit. We hope to reach the finish line 5-6 weeks after leaving England.  We’ll be sleeping in tents, or on the ground, or in the car as the environment (and an absolute lack of hotels) dictates. Assuming our cars are as resolute as we are, we will arrive in the bustling metropolis of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. We are prepared to sacrifice little things, like side mirrors, bumper bars and our dignity – but we will retain our Aussie exuberance, our sense of humor and hopefully, all members of the team.

But wait!  There’s more....

We will be tackling this 16,000 km odyssey in a car powered by a (not so) awesome 1(ish) liter engine...Yeah! You heard right!  If we knew more about cars we’d be terrified.   As we don’t know much about cars, we’ll naively assume; a car like that is the perfect choice (no...really) for a trusty steed, needed to cross the non-existent roads of the Gobi desert, the Karakum desert and the Alay mountains. What could possibly go wrong?

And...since over the last 10 years the world has been covered in a bit more tarmac, the Adventurists have now devised a way of helping us end up as far away from it as possible. The are devising a list of "Rather Irregular Places" that really, really won't help us get where we're going, but apparently reaching these places earns us pats on the back! What more motivation could we want to drive our tiny wagons that little bit further on yet more rugged roads? So far their ominously named "RIPs" have not been revealed, so watch this space.

Who isn’t sold on this harebrained idea adventure of a lifetime?  If you want to learn a little bit more about the adventure check out The Adventurists website. Be careful though it may result in you signing up too....